Visiana is releasing a new version, version 1.3, of the BoneXpert Windows program, to replace version 1.14. The Greulich-Pyle bone ages values are exactly the same, as are the Bone Health Index (BHI) values. 

The main new feature is that BHI is now cleared for clinical use in Europe, as the program automatically rejects the BHI determination if it is unreliable, typical due to poor image quality.

The TW bone age values have been redefined by adjusting them to the rating practiced in the First Zurich Longitudinal study. As a result, TW3 values are reduced by 0.8 years over most of the age range.

The program user interface has been updated with the following new features

  1. Possibility to drag-and-drop image files into the application 
  2. Support for writing reports as pdf files, and to copy them elsewhere via the clipboard
  3. Search facility to find and analyse DICOM files easily on e.g. CD-ROMs
  4. Option for processing several image files in one batch
  5. Bone age standard deviation scores (SDS) based on reference curves for various ethnicities