BoneXpert analyses the image completely automatically, independently of the rotation of the hand. Both left and right hands are accepted.

BoneXpert analyses the following 13 bones: Radius, ulna and the bones in ray 1, 3 and 5.

The carpals are not considered, because they are difficult to reconstruct, and because the information they provide is less important, for instance they do not contribute to prediction of adult height.

The image analysis is divided into three layers:


In Layer A, the borders of the bones are found using active appearance models, which have "learned" the allowed shape and density distribution of each bone. This allows them to locate each bone and reject it, if it is not in accordance with the model.


BoneXpert’s shape model for the third proximal phalanx of 13-17 year old boys


BoneXpert’s shape model for the third proximal phalanx of 7-13 year old boys