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Precise bone age - for better patient care

BoneXpert is a software for automated measurement of bone age from a child's hand X-ray. This delivers a precise and standardised reading unlike the conventional manual rating with its considerable reader variability.

Leading pediatric clinics integrate this tool seamlessly in their workflow for adult height prediction,better diagnosis and optimisation of treatment.

Running on existing hardware and paid per analysis, BoneXpert is cost-effective from day one, relieving doctors from time-consuming manual rating to allow more time for patient care. 

BoneXpert application areas:

Clinical practice in paediatrics
Installed in the radiology department and serving mainly paediatric endocrinology

Clinical trials 
Academic research or drug trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies

Sports Medicine 
Talent identification or prevention of injuries

Planning the timing of treatment


March 2018: Video on AI in radiology

Professor Bram van Ginneken gave a great talk at ECR 2018 about the role of AI in radiology – watch the video here

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February 2018: Hands-on AI

There is a lot of talk about how artificial intelligence will affect radiology, but not much about the AI systems already in use.

It is therefore timely that Radboud University and EuSoMII are organising a Hands-on AI Day in Nijmegen on April 21, 2018.

Nine AI-products, including BoneXpert, are selected for presentation and practical use.

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October 2017: BoneXpert licensed to 100 hospitals

There are now 100 hospitals using BoneXpert for at least 100 analyses per year.

Some of the new sites are

  • Hôpital universitaire des enfants Reine Fabiola (HUDERF), Bruxelles, BE
  • Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, Liverpool, UK (depicted above)
  • John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, UK
  • University Hospital Prague-Motol, CZ
  • CHU Vaudois, Lausanne, CH

August 2017: Visit BoneXpert at these exhibitions

We welcome you to visit the BoneXpert stand at the following three conferences in September 2017:

  • PES: Pediatric Endocrine Society Annual Meeting, 13-17 September, Washington DC, USA
  • GPR: Jahrestagung der Gesellschaftfür Pädiatrische Radiologie, 21-23 September, Stuttgart, Germany
  • SFIPP: Congrès de la Société Francophone d'Imagerie Pédiatrique et Périnatale, 22-23 September, Liège, Belgium 

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